Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bhutanese Legacy Soccer Club (BLSC)

Bhutanese Legacy Soccer Club (BLSC)
Short Introduction:

Fort Worth; 2012,
The Sport-Soccer loving guys proudly announces the name of their respected and reputed Club as the Bhutanese Legacy Soccer Club (BLSC). This Club, is an absolute Succor/Football Club organized and established for the American Bhutanese Youths; Boys, Girls and all guys who Love Sports, especially the SOCCER by the Bhutanese boys of Fort Worth, TX. The Club guys are now risen up with their dedication towards Sports and with their Soccer Talents to Rock the Cities, States and the world. The goal of this club is to be success and rock the world with SOCCER game and talents.

The Club boys are recently getting trained by them-selves; their-selves motivation, selves contribution and selves participation in the coordination and good guidance of Senior Bhutanese Youths. The Club not only play Football and Soccer representing the Bhutanese Pride but also establish and march the Community towards perfection and glorious reputation with the practice of mutual co-operation, hearty friendship, humanity, discipline, peace and harmony in the community.

The Club was established on Dec. 31, 2011 which remarks the Eve of Happy New Year 2012 with a new hope of incomparable progress.

The establishing members of the Club are the team members of the Winner team(representing Texas) of the First Bhutanese American Tournament held in Georgia, USA and are coordinated and supported by the community people and the well-awared youths with the motive to march towards excellence unitedly. The credit of establishment of the Club goes to the unflinching Bhutanese Guys of Fort Worth who involved and contributed voluntarily for the development of the Club. viz. Nima Lama, Bikash Ghalley, Namgel Tamang 'Babu', Madan Sinchuri, Dawa Lama 'Bhotte', Petraj Magar 'Purna', Narayan Magar, Nabin Ghalley, Umesh Bhujel, Samir Tamang, Bishal Gurung, and all the Soccer Lover guys of Fort Worth.

The recent, specific aim of the Club is to train, guide and lead the Youngster the best and effective techniques of Soccer and get prepared for the coming Second American Bhutanese Soccer Tournament which is going to held in California, USA in coming summer. In the mean while, the Club will be organizing different programs for the Youths over-all progress.

The club calls all the Bhutanese Youths to join in their constructive, creative and cooperative programs by hand-in-hand with unconditional unity.